The DataProtectionMS Platform for E-Commerce & Retail

Data subject access requests in commerce

A key component of the GDPR for eCommerce businesses is the requirement to disclose the profile which they have created of a user. Such profiles have long been key parts of any marketing strategy. Under GDPR, when someone asks a business for their data, it must present the requested information within four weeks. Everyone will have the right to receive confirmation that an organization has information about them, access this information and any other supplementary information on the nature of the processing. Retailers will also have to explain what other organizations have handled the data, and why this was needed for the provisioning of services to the customer or present other grounds for processing. Organizations will need to ensure they offer all data for download without any unnecessary delays. This includes data from all databases including marketing, sales, HR and accounting. Anywhere data is stored or processed.

Besides answering data subject access requests in the necessary form, deletion and editing rights must be ensured. Our Data Subject Access Request / Customer Data Platform allows this by connecting to your databases and automating the data subeject access request process. Huge amounts of varying data, in different formats are stored in silos across your company, often gathered in multiple ways through the growing number of channels that your customers interact on. Our Platform connects to all of them and ensures that no data is missed.

Creating the right forms to accept data subject access requests

As an E-Commerce or Retail organization you are focused on marketing and pricing of your products. Let us take care of the GDPR requirements. With the DataProtectionMS Platform you will be empowered to accept data subject access requests (DSAR) and our automated privacy advisor will handle the processing and data gathering of any request. In our onboarding process you can select the information the requestor has to provide in order for you to identify the data. Our platform will automatically generate the required frontend to integrate into your website or intranet.

Be ready to demonstrate your compliance

The DataProtectionMS dashboard gives you a quick overview of the requests, their processing time, and the status of your overall compliance. This means that the management and support staff are always in a position to provide information about conformity with data subject rights. Data protection authorities can be provided with fast and transparent information through a dedicated interface which avoids costly audits and long-lasting processes such as on-site checks.

Our automatic Privacy Analyst locates the relevant information

Upon receiving a request, the automated Privacy Analyst will begin collecting and collating the relevant information within your organization. Since the data sources usually contain many different formats, these are unified in a report (as Adobe PDF) and opon request provided as a data package. Customized workflows can be used to make adjustments to the identification process, data sources, manual or automatic sharing, and editing in order to adapt the information provided under Article 15. Our team of experts is looking forward to assisting you in selecting the best parameters.

Answering your customers questions in standardized form

You already got a customer login? Great, integrate our forms and interactions and enhance the user experience for your customers. Of course, forms and integrations for none-customers such as suppliers or staff can easily be added to seperate sites and intranets. This information is protected by password, 2-factor authentication or the company's own login, depending on the method chosen. Each action is logged to provide proof of process and download. As a whitelabel solution, interaction with your customer can be provided in your design and corporate identity, signaling the professionalism of your privacy framework.

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