Our DataProtectionMS Platform
enables organizations to comply with the GDPR.

The DataProtectionMS platform enables compliance with the data subject rights of the GDPR.

It is only a matter of time until your DPA carries out an audit to verify your compliance. Our approved reports will ensure you can prove compliance quickly and efficiently to auditors.

With the help of the Reporting Cockpit, your management always has an up-to-date view of the situation and can make data-driven decisions quickly and on demand.

By using the professional communication and optimized processes of DataProtectionMS, you can convince your stakeholders of your data protection maturity and optimize public perception.

By customizing communication channels and optimizing the data before disclosure, you achieve an optimal customer experience and increase customer loyalty (NPS).

Data breaches can always happen. This need not always be an external hacker attack, but can also be caused by simple oversight. With DataProtectionMS you are already prepared today, should it be necessary to answer many data requests after an incident has occured.

Functions of DataProtectionMS - We manage the complete customer journey.

Accept request
Web form
The backend configuration automatically creates a suitable and flexible customizable web form.
Software Interface (API)
Using a standard API interface, requests from other software solutions can be easily integrated and processed.
Set password
At the beginning of the request, the requestor determines with which password the data packet should be encrypted. This ensures that only the requestor can access his data.
Completeness check
DataProtectionMS checks to see if the minimum amount of information is present to start a request.
Identity Check
Two-stage identity check based on existing data and if necessary additional identification via webcam etc.
Deny request
In the case of multiple requests in short periods of time or if there is no data, the request will be rejected with an explanation.
Identify data sources
Before the data is processed in the workflow, it must be identified and categorized. If there is no data mapping in your company, we will gladly assist you in this process. Due to the intuitive interface, the integration of various database systems (MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL etc.) is possible.
Select workflow
After the request has been received and verified and the relevant data sources are available, the company-specific workflow begins. In this, the data is automatically collected and processed according to the company's specifications.
Status updates
After sending a request, the requester will be informed about the processing status.
Notification of completion
After generation of the complete data packet, it is made available to the requestor as encrypted download.
Compliance Officer & DPO
As Administrative Users, Compliance Officers and DPOs can analyze up-to-the-minute reports on number of inquiries, average processing time, and costs. Furthermore, you have a case view available. If there are questions about a particular request, all information relevant to the request can be analyzed and exported.
Full Log
Each request is logged. In addition, the success (download) and user intervention is logged for each request.
Audit report
By means of an audit report, the DPO can easily and quickly prove to the data protection authority which cases were processed and with which outcome. In addition, reasons are given for rejected requests.
Workflow Designer
Every company is individual. That means DataProtectionMS has to fit into your business processes. Using our Workflow Designer, business processes can be easily integrated.
Data portability
Due to the previous data aggregation, the basis for the data portability required by the GDPR is laid. By means of an extension for data portability, the data can be extracted to a JSON interface and thus transferred to other companies.

These rights under the GDPR are implemented by the DataProtectionMS:

Article 15 GDPR, Recital 63 & 64

Article 20 GDPR, Recital 68

Article 17 GDPR, 19 Recital 65 & 66

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