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Date Protection Management
List of Processing Activities
Technical Organizational Measures
Stakeholder & Service Provider Management
Contract Management
Task Management
Data Breach Management
Management of legitimate interests
Managing Data Subject Requests
Retention Period Management
Data Privacy Impact Assessment
Systems and Software
Design your Plan Do Check Act Cycle
Manage Data Protection Impact Assessment
Manage Data Subject Access Requests

User Management
E-Mail Notification
Multi-Entity and Group support
Active Directory & LDAP

Phone support by certified DPOs
Setup Assistant

Excel (xlsx) Exports
Report Generator


What makes us unique:

Our technology enabled on-stop shop approach to data protection.

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The Compliance Layer

Using the DPMS compliance layer on top of your data sources, your organization can manage the legal basis for processing, third parties and data sharing as well as the automated decision making and profiling in one place. By building the compliance layer on top of your data sources, you cancel out the previous risk of hidden data and hidden data sources. Try our solution today and join the next generation of automated data protection management.

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Enterprise Grade Data Protection

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High-End Software Tools
Hands-free management & installation
Uncomplicated Onboarding
Direct connection to your data source (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, SAP, Fileserver and many more)
Remote Expert Support (Phone & Online) with highly trained experts

Ensure process optimization by automatizing key data protection challenges with the Raptor Compliance Data Protection Management System.

All compliance processes and documentation in on place

The DPMS enables managing of all stakeholders (controllers and processors), maintaining the Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) including Technical and Organizational Measures (TOM) in one solution. Additionally, reports are provided and key information such as legal basis of processing, retention periods and data transfers abroad are captured.

Risk reduction through standardization

No more creating your own scripts to aggregate the data for a data subjects report. No human mistake due to the repetitive tasks of collecting and preparing the data for a data subject access report. No more uncertainty whether all data was collected, and the compliance information correctly communicated (retention periods, rights etc.).

Full compliance due to software processes

Reports and actions are performed by the DPMS, which ensures that all compliance tasks within the system are performed compliant with the GDPR and any other applicable data protection laws (customizable).

Time saving due to automatization

By using straight through processing hardly any human involvement is needed, reducing the time constraints of support agents, IT systems administrators, compliance departments, marketing departments and data protection officers.

Improved stakeholder experience

Create your bespoke web form (called Frontend) and reports in line with your corporate communication strategy. The individual frontends of the DPMS allow you to integrate the DPMS interfaces with any page, intranet, portal or custom design.

Readiness for data breaches

In case of a data breach, fast reaction is key. With the DPMS you will not only have access to all required information in one place but also have a tool to easily fulfil a large amount of Data Subject Access Request that usually occur after a data breach.

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Connect your data sources

The DataProtectionMS creates a unique way of managing data protection compliance by connecting itself with your data sources. Using a data driven approach as opposed to a questionnaire or consulting driven approach, our customers are able to minimize and even abolish the white spots in their data protection compliance landscape. Questionnaires are only as good as the answers. Our solution mitigates this uncertainty by taking the data sources as its reference for compliance.

The supported data sources are nearly endless. From relational databases such as MSSQL, MYSQL, PostGres, MariaDB, Firebase to enterprise systems such as Oracle, IBM DB2 and SAP nearly any data source can be added. We also support File Servers from Linux and Microsoft as well as Mail Servers such as MS Exchange and IBM Domino. Furthermore we can customize our solution to fit the needs of your non-structured data in data sources such as MongoDB, Hadoop or other data ocean solutions. Contact us today if you have any specific compatibility question. We are happy to assist you.

Connect your data via workflows

Our workflows enable you to adjust your data protection processes to your database structures and internal requirements.

Data Protection Officer

  • Small
    LOW Privacy Requirements



    Hospitality Industry


  • Basic
    MEDIUM Privacy Requirements

    Advertising Agencies

    industrial Enterprises

    Construction/Real Estate Industry

    Travel, Tourism, Hotels

  • Standard
    HIGH Privacy Requirements

    Doctors, Pharmacists

    Attorneys, Tax Experts, Consultants

    Online Stores

    Small IT Companies

  • Extended
    VERY HIGH Privacy Requirements

    Financial Enterprises

    Personnel Service Provider

    Software/Platform Solutions

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