Integration, Data Mapping, Data Classification. We support you by providing the complete integration process for your organization.

Our software comes pre-packaged and configured in Docker Containers

Our Docker container comes fully packaged and with all dependencies neccessary to run in your enviroment. Setting up the container is a matter of minutes. Our containers run in your local data center, Private Clouds and on any IaaS provider such as Amazon Web Services.

Before we set up the container, our developers configure your solution tailored to your needs

You don´t require 3rd Party Vendor Management, because you do all data processing in your company? No problem, we can easily add and subtract modules due to our microservice architecture based on your specific data protection need. Our modules are closley mirroring the GDPR Articles and as such provide capsuled solutions for data subject access requests, deletion rights, retention periods, processing justification storage, data classification, automated decision making, case management and register of data processing.

Our Technology Stack

Our technology stack uses tried and tested technologies as well as newest methodologies. Our microservice architecture allows us to incorporate customer feedback and requirements in an agile way as well as to tailor each offer towards our customer´s wishes. We mostly deploy Open-Source standards to secure the portability and state of the art development of our software.

Our frontend runs on PHP and Apache, whereas your backend is soley written in Java to guarantee a seamless user experience as well as high performance when needed. Logs and protocols of each compliance relevant action is stored in our MongDB to allow for internal and external audits.

Additionally, the DataProtectionMS Platform integrates its own API to allow interaction with third party software as well as SaaS and cloud providers.

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