With Raptor Compliance you fulfill the requirements of the GDPR!

The GDPR puts responsibility on the Data Protection Officer and Compliance Officer

As experts in data protection and compliance, you are entrusted with a multitude of tasks in the implementation of the Data Protection Regulation in your company. In addition to training and awareness measures, you are instructed to review all IT processes and to comply with applicable law.

In particular, you are the first point of contact when it comes to the data rights of customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. As a DPO, you know that there is a duty to provide information as soon as you store and process data from a natural person. The responsibility for answering inquiries lies with you and your team. You are already expecting an increase in inquiries with the new simplified request options of the GDPR.

DataProtectionMS creates compliance with the data protection rights set in the General Data Protection Regulation. The two key features of the DataProtectionMS platform are its seamless, rapid integration with all major data sources and ensured compliance by our legal experts.

Are the new fines (up to 4% of global sales) dangerous for you?

Are you facing a mountain of inquiries due to the new possibilities of requesting data from individuals?

Does your management require reporting on compliance with the GDPR?

Our DataProtectionMS platform solves these questions. The platform offers legal compliance, integration of reporting (management and audit), customer journey optimization and automation. The integration of DataProtectionMS will enable efficient and future-proof GDPR compliance processes within your organization.

Our connectors are built to integrate with most popular digital data sources. Raptor Compliance and its integration partners can install DataProtectionMS with you anywhere in the European Union, Switzerland and the United States.

Why should you use DataProtectionMS?