With Raptor Compliance you fulfill the requirements of the GDPR!

The GDPR puts responsibility on IT administrators

The objectives of Information Security Officer (ISB) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) are not always compatible. In day-to-day operations, the IT administrator should ensure the operation of the IT, but occasionally faces the conflicting demands of these two agents.

In addition, not only technology and organization are constantly changing, but also the legislation. Local data protection laws are being converted to the European General Data Protection Regulation. While in information security, decisions can often be weighed and decided economically, there are fixed legal conditions for data protection.

Integrating these legal requirements with existing resources into the IT landscape poses a major challenge for IT administrators.

With the use of the DataProtectionMS Platform, the data subject rights can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT landscape. Our connectors are built to integrate with most popular digital data sources.

The two key features of the DataProtectionMS platform are its seamless, rapid integration with all major data sources and the ensured compliance by our legal experts. The platform offers legal compliance, integration of reporting (management and audit), customer journey optimization and automation.
Additionally the integration of DataProtectionMS will enable your organization to have efficient and future-proof GDPR compliance processes. Raptor Compliance and its integration partners can install DataProtectionMS anywhere in the European Union, Switzerland and the United States.

Why should you use DataProtectionMS?